Main Principle - Stability in the future! 

Hollywood, in its current strenuous condition from budget deficits that may have long lasting effects, is in desperate need of new leadership that can bring stability and confidence back to our great city.  The time for oversight and new ideas to renew Hollywood, bring accountability, and restore fiscal responsibility is now. 

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Primary Tasks

The main concern within District 6 and City of Hollywood, is the budget. The increase in foreclosures and declining property values over the last few years has resulted in the city cutting costs for services across the board with the deficit estimated at 38 million dollars.  As commissioner I will oversee the expenditures of the tax payers money for services and beautification projects that are warranted as needed, as well as to hold accountability that all projects stay on budget. 

Another concern for the city is the low morale in which the city employees are operating.  With any operation whether it be a city or company, low morale is detrimental to any organization's progression. With good intentions, cooperation and through negotiations, my belief is all parties can come to an economic agreement that can be satisfying and economically feasible.

In 2005, CNN voted the city of Hollywood number 70 out of the top 100 cities to live in the United States. Since that time Hollywood has not reached the top 100 again. I plan to work with the residents, land owners, and business owners to improve the quality of life, provide economic growth and create a solid foundation for the future stability of the city. 

As commissioner, transparency is a top priority to allow the citizens of Hollywood to know how their tax dollars are being spent. How the budget is spent is important to the progression of the city and the services it provides to its citizens.

Hollywood’s District 6 most valuable and prime location is the corner of 441 (south state road 7) and Hollywood Boulevard. Previously the site of Millennium Supermall which succeeded The Hollywood Fashion Center is completely underutilized. I plan to work with the commission on the redevelopment of this site to become a useful and prosperous commercial zone. This will help in the revival of 441, create jobs and remove an eyesore within our city.