About Me

Freddy Suastegui moved to Hollywood in 1989 with his mother, Alicia, and three siblings. As a single mother, Alicia looked for a community that was friendly and family orientated to help raise her four children to be the best they could be and become productive members of the community. Freddy and his three siblings credit much of their success to their mother and their community in molding them into the persons they are today. For all the Hollywood community has given to Freddy and his family, Freddy feels the need and desire to repay the city and community which helped him become a leader and astute business man, by helping Hollywood get back on track.   

Freddy attended school locally Orange Brook Elementary and Chaminade-Madonna. He also worked locally while growing up in Hollywood. These are  times he cherishes and holds close to his heart. He wishes to raise his future children in much the same environment in which he grew up, when Hollywood was in a progressive state and as a child felt safe and secure playing in the neighborhood. Freddy’s intentions are to bring Hollywood to a progressive state once again, by bringing accountability and transparency to the budget, restoring morale within the city employees and bringing competitive business practices to city hall in order to save the citizens of Hollywood from increased taxes.   Freddy believes this is not a time for finger pointing or mudslinging, but a time to come together and work hard in order to right the ship. What has happened in the past, we must take and learn from but the true question Freddy wants to answer is how we can move forward and maximize Hollywood’s full potential.  With its great residential areas and attractions Hollywood should and must attract new productive citizens to help beautify our blighted areas and increase our tax base.

Freddy’s vision for Hollywood has gained the support and attention of community leaders. The Broward Council of Miami Association of Realtors not only supports Freddy but called him “refreshing” and “just what Hollywood needs”. The AFL-CIO gave him a unanimous endorsement with his only promise consistently being that he will work intelligently and to the best of his ability for the people of Hollywood and for the betterment of our city. His message “Alone I can try to make a difference, but together we will make a difference” is his belief, that in order to turn Hollywood around it will take a community effort. One in which Freddy believes we can achieve. He intends to reach out to as many of his fellow residence as possible in order to hear what you have to say and what you feel is best for Hollywood. When creating his website the first tab he wanted created was the contact “let your voice be heard” tab. Freddy wanted it to be one of the most visible items on his web page and truly wants and needs to hear from you. He does not believe he nor can anyone properly represent the community without the input and opinions of the community. So at this time please feel free to send him your thoughts.